NWNA is the North West Naturist Association established on the 15th of July 2023.

NWNA is the North West Naturist Association, affiliated to SANNA, the South Africa Naturist Association.

We strive to create a safe and friendly environment for all naturists to be able to get together at resorts and events in a safe and healthy manner while practicing non-sexual social nudity in private and in public.

The NWNA online platform consists of Social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The NWNA website gives members access to upcoming events, newsletters, a member section with galleries as well as information on everything happening provincially, nationally and internationally.

Kiepersolkloof and other naturist friendly resorts offer discounts to all paid up NWNA members, all year round on camping, accommodation and day visits.

NWNA hosts events and arrange regular get-togethers for their members throughout the year.

NWNA is affiliated to SANNA (South African National Naturist Association) and SANNA in turn is affiliated to the INF (International Naturist Federation). Members receive all the benefits from resorts, events and functions associated with SANNA. Your NWNA membership card also give you access to international naturist resorts as your card carries an INF serial number and stamp. There are currently 34 countries worldwide who are members of the INF.

Elected Management committee:

ChairmanJJ Oberholzer
Vice ChairmanWynand Botha
SecretaryZelda Botha
TreasurerAngelique Kruger
MarketingMaryke Oberholzer
EventsRoss Pretorius


  • R100 discount per night on Unit and camping accommodation at Kiepersolkloof
  • Resort discounts at other affiliated venues.
  • Weekends away and get-togethers.
  • INF membership and international naturist resort access
Benefits of NWNA Membership

There are many advantages in membership to NWNA.

There are also weekends away at venues that are not necessarily Naturist venues. We as a group then reserve the complete venue for the weekend and then it is naturist friendly for that time.

NWNA is affiliated to SANNA (South African National Naturist Federation) and SANNA in turn is affiliated to the INF (International Naturist Federation). Hence if you travel to another province in South Africa you will receive all the benefits from resorts and functions associated with SANNA.

Also if you travel overseas, your NWNA membership card will give you access to naturist resorts as your card carries an INF serial number and stamp.

Membership Application Procedure

Thank you for your interest to join NWNA. Please complete the online application form and submit it to NWNA.

A member of our management team will contact you to set up a “meet and greet”. This normally happens in a neutral place like a Coffee shop.

After the “meet and greet” your application will be presented to the NWNA management team.

Upon approval you will be notified accordingly and you can then pay your annual subscription fee of R 250 per person, this will be valid for 12 months. Thereafter your annual fees will be paid Yearly on the same month.

The next step is to send proof of payment to our members administrator together with a head and shoulders photograph of each of you, after which your electronic membership card will be e-mailed to you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Please note that the North West Naturist Association reserves the right to withdraw and deny a membership whenever a member fails to comply with the code of conduct and the constitution.

Code of Conduct

We do not accept

  • Obscene or offensive language.
  • Racism, sexism OR homophobia.
  • Sexual or erotic material.
  • Material intended to cause agitation.
  • Any other unlawful material.
  • No sexual content of any kind e.g. dancing in a provocative manner, sitting on someone’s genitals, swapping saliva, touching genitals. Swaying of the hips is allowed, but pole dancing wouldn’t be if you get our point.
  • No photographs whatsoever unless you have cleared it with each and every single person in the shot. Please don’t try and persuade anyone. Their first no is their final answer. People have every right to their privacy and whether or not they wish themselves or their family to appear in a photograph. All photos need to be inspected by all people appearing in the photo immediately after the photo was taken.
  • Don’t stare; it is very rude whether you have clothes on or not.
  • Always take a towel and make sure you sit on it when on other people’s furniture. This is for hygiene reasons such as protecting other people from your sun tan oil, sweat etc.
  • We like to create a harmonious environment where everyone gets along. Please do not argue or fight and leave your aggressive behaviour at home. Get along with everyone and if you have a disagreement, keep it to yourself if it may cause a fight. It makes other people feel uncomfortable when you are having a screaming match with someone else and we don’t want to ruin anyone’s good time.
  • Your partner or friend you brought with you is your responsibility only. Keep them in line and make sure they know the code of conduct BEFORE attending. If they cannot be controlled, we suggest you remove them in an adult and diplomatic fashion.
  • Cover up any unpredictable erections. We know they sometimes happen beyond your control, a simple towel covering it up or lying on your front and no-one will know.
  • No violence or raising voices or shouting. Respect everyone even though they may rub you the wrong way.
  • Don’t litter, in fact, if you see it, then pick it up and dispose of it yourself. Parents are responsible for their children also where this is concerned. The only things you should leave behind are your foot prints. This applies with our “Leave no trace” Motto. Bring a trash bag next time you go to a public place.
  • Don’t make rude comments about anyone.
  • Children sometimes like to let off steam and this is no bad thing at all, but children should be supervised by adults so that they don’t cause problems for others.
  • Binoculars are normally unwelcome in naturist resorts.
  • Don’t go naked where nakedness isn’t allowed – you are asking for trouble big style if you do that.
  • Naturist resorts and/or naturist friendly beaches are peaceful places, so be considerate about playing loud music or radios. Use earphones if possible, and if asked to ‘turn it down’, do so willingly.
  • Respect other people’s property.
  • Privacy Is Fundamental. Many are at a resort/beach for a quiet time. Body language should tell you they don’t want to be disturbed. It’s not wrong to look for new friends – but it is rude to intrude when you’re unwelcome.
  • Always come PREPARED. Bring supplies: beverage, food, sunscreen, towel or your own cigarettes, braai meat if at a braai. Mooching is not a cool way to make friends.
  • Speak up for standards. Don’t let some newcomer who doesn’t understand the situation or our values cause trouble. Instead of doing a slow burn, go talk, politely but firmly, to the couple starting sexual activity or the person using bad language.
Terms of Use

nwna.org.za is a social networking service that allows members to create unique personal profiles online in order to find and communicate with old and new friends. The service is operated by NWNA. By using NWNA’s Website you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use (this “Agreement”), whether or not you register as a member (“Member”). If you wish to become a Member, communicate with other Members and make use of the NWNA services (the “Service”), please read this Agreement and indicate your acceptance by following the instructions in the Registration process.

This Agreement sets out the legally binding terms for your use of the Website and your Membership in the Service.
NWNA may modify this Agreement from time to time and such modification shall be effective upon posting by NWNA on the Website. You agree to be bound to any changes to this Agreement when you use the Service after any such modification is posted. This Agreement includes NWNA s policy for acceptable use and content posted on the Website, your rights, obligations and restrictions regarding your use of the Website and the Service and NWNA’s Privacy Policy.

Please choose carefully the information you post on nwna.org.za and that you provide to other Members. Any photographs posted by you may not contain sexual, violence, or offensive subject matter. Information provided by other NWNA Members (for instance, in their Profile) may contain inaccurate, inappropriate or offensive material, products or services and NWNA assumes no responsibility nor liability for this material.

NWNA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject, refuse to post or remove any posting (including email) by you, or to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to all or any part of the Website and/or Services at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability.

By participating in any offline NWNA event, you agree to release and hold NWNA harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind including, without limitation, personal injuries, death, and property damage, either directly or indirectly related to or arising from your participation in any such offline NWNA event.

Terms of Use
1) Your Interactions.

You are solely responsible for your interactions and communication with other Members. You understand that NWNA does not in any way screen its Members, nor does NWNA inquire into the backgrounds of its Members or attempt to verify the statements of its Members. NWNA makes no representations or warranties as to the conduct of Members or their compatibility with any current or future Members. We do however recommend that if you choose to meet or exchange personal information with any member of NWNA then you should take it upon yourself to do a background check on said person.

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2) Eligibility.

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3) Term/Fees.

This Agreement shall remain in full force and effect while you use the Website, the Service, and/or are a Member. You may terminate your membership at any time. NWNA may terminate your membership for any reason, effective upon sending notice to you at the email address you provide in your Membership application or other email address as you may subsequently provide to NWNA By using the Service and by becoming a Member, you acknowledge that NWNA reserves the right to charge for the Service and has the right to terminate a Member’s Membership if Member should breach this Agreement or fail to pay for the Service, as required by this Agreement.

4) Non Commercial Use by Members.

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5) Proprietary Rights in Content on NWNA.

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6) Content Posted on the Site.

a. You understand and agree that NWNA may review and delete any content, messages, NWNA Messenger messages, photos or profiles (collectively, “Content”) that in the sole judgment of NWNA violate this Agreement or which may be offensive, illegal or violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of any Member.

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i. is patently offensive and promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;

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vii. provides material that exploits people under the age of 18 in a sexual or violent manner, or solicits personal information from anyone under 18;

viii. provides instructional information about illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons, violating someone’s privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses;

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7) Copyright Policy.

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10) Limitation on Liability.


11) Disputes.

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12) Indemnity.

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13) Other.

This Agreement is accepted upon your use of the Website and is further affirmed by you becoming a Member of the Service. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and NWNA regarding the use of the Website and/or the Service. The failure of NWNA to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Agreement shall not operate as a waiver of such right or provision. The section titles in this Agreement are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect. Please contact us with any questions regarding this Agreement. NWNA is a trademark of SANNA.


1. Name
  1. The organisation hereby constituted will be called the North West Naturist Association.
  2. Its shortened name will be the NWNA (hereinafter referred to as the organisation).
2. Body Corporate

The organisation shall:

  • Exist in its own right, separately from its members;
  • Continue to exist even when its membership changes and there are different office bearers;
  • Be able to own property and other possessions;
  • Be able to sue and be sued in its own name;
3. Function

The North West Naturist Association (hereinafter referred to as NWNA) is constituted for the benefit of the naturist movement in North West – South Africa (hereinafter referred to as SA). The Objects of the NWNA shall be, among others:

  • To promote the practice and general acceptance of naturism for the physical, moral and mental wellbeing of the naturist community, recreation without clothing, whether individually or socially, and whether in private grounds or in other suitable circumstances;
  • To ensure the continued co-operation of all genuine naturist and related organizations in SA;
  • To further and improve the standards of naturism and ensure that naturism is presented creditably to all interested parties at all times;
  • To represent naturism in general to local government and international organizations, and to cooperate with international organizations which represent naturist recreation;
  • And to develop resources for the practice of naturism and to provide services for members and affiliated entities;
  • To affiliate with other national and international bodies that may be deemed relevant or beneficial to the interest and or objectives of the Association. In specific affiliation to South African National Naturist Association (SANNA).
4. Income and Property
  1. The organisation will keep a record of everything it owns.
  2. The organisation may not give any of its money or property to its members or office bearers. The only time it can do this is when it pays for work that a member or office bearer has done for the organisation. The payment must be a reasonable amount for the work that has been done.
  3. A member of the organisation can only get money back from the organisation for expenses that she or he has paid for or on behalf of the organisation.
  4. Members or office bearers of the organisation do not have rights over things that belong to the organisation.
5. Trustees
  1. Any property of NWNA whether freehold or leasehold shall be vested in Management Committee and Members of Management Committee shall be the Trustees of NWNA. The Trustees shall deal with the said property as directed by resolution passed by a majority of the voting power present at an AGM, provided that the terms of such direction appear on the agenda for that meeting.
  2. Exceptionally the Management Committee may at a duly convened meeting resolve by a majority of the voting members present to give the trustees such direction provided that the terms of such direction appear on the agenda for that meeting and provided it has been resolved at that meeting that the giving of such direction is urgently necessary in the best interests of the NWNA.
  3. The said trustees shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the AGM) subject to notice of such vacancy being published and nominations invited. Any trustee who takes up residence outside the Republic of South Africa or who becomes incapable of acting or who fails to deal with the said property as duly directed shall be deemed to have resigned.
    Any vacancy that may from time to time occur shall be filled by appointment made at the next ensuing AGM subject to notice of such vacancy being published and nominations invited.
  4. The Trustees shall jointly and severally be indemnified from the funds of NWNA for any liability or expense that may from time to time fall upon them as trustees of the said property.
6. Membership and General Meetings
  1. If a person wants to become a Member of the organisation, she or he will have to ask the organisation’s Management Committee. The Management Committee has the right to say no.
  2. Membership may be granted to individuals and/or families who are members of recognized clubs and resorts and other such individuals or families who demonstrate their interest in naturism.
  3. Organizations who are or not formed primarily for naturism or otherwise may be granted affiliation if they have genuine interest in naturism and satisfy the Management Committee that their activities in no way conflict with Article 3 (Three) above. Affiliation is subject to annual payment of dues as revised from time to time.
  4. The title of Honorary Member may be awarded by the Management Committee to those who have given outstanding service to naturism. Honorary membership may be granted at the discretion of the Management Committee. Honorary members shall have all rights and privileges of a paid up individual member.
  5. Members of the organisation must attend its annual general meetings. At the annual general meeting, members exercise their right to determine the policy of the organisation.
  6. Membership fees shall be determined annually by the AGM on a recommendation in a motion from the Management Committee.
  7. Any affiliated organization or individual member whose annual return or membership fees are outstanding on the date of the AGM in any year shall lose all rights and benefits until such fees have been paid in full.
7. Application for Membership and Accreditation from NWNA

The Management Committee of the NWNA is responsible for ensuring that clubs or affiliated organizations applying for accreditation from the NWNA.

  1. Have agreed to conform to this constitution.
  2. Have satisfied the Management Committee that the affairs of the club, resort or affiliated organization applying are conducted in accordance with the law and the principles of propriety.
  3. Each affiliated organization shall submit to the Secretary annually, a return showing the name and address of the responsible persons, the membership numbers and other information that will enable NWNA to keep a record of the affiliated organization facilities and amenities.
8. Management
  1. The affairs of the NWNA shall be governed by an AGM held at least once annually but the management of the NWNA shall be delegated to the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall consist of the officers duly elected by the individual members in good standing. The Committee shall have power to appoint, pay and dismiss salaried officers as it may deem necessary for the efficient and business-like management of the NWNA and take such steps as it may think necessary or expedient to carry out the functions of the NWNA in accordance with this constitution.The Officers shall be a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 (two) others. The Committee may appoint from its own members or co-opt any other additional officer or officers deemed necessary and define their duties. Such co-opted additional officers shall have no vote. The Committee may also co-opt persons to serve on any sub-committees that it may define.The Secretary must record, in a register, the involvement of National Officers in any naturist organization in which they are a member of/or hold a position of responsibility, together with their involvement in any business related to naturism. Such officers must keep the Secretary informed, in writing, of such involvement and of any such additional or new involvement. Examination of the register shall be confined to paid-up NWNA Members.
  2. A Management Committee will manage the organisation. The Management Committee will be made up of not less than 5 (five) members. They are the office bearers of the organisation.
  3. Office bearers will serve for 2 (two) years, but they can stand for re-election for another term in office after that. Depending on what kind of services they give to the organisation, they can stand for re-election into office again and again. This is so long as their services are needed and they are ready to give their services.
  4. Election of officers will be done at the AGM of the NWNA.The Management Committee shall be empowered to fill any vacancy that may occur subject to ratification at the next AGM.If the 2 (two) year period of office of any officer is not completed for any reason the officer elected or appointed to fill the vacancy shall do so for the remainder of the 2 (two) year period for that office.Nominations for election should be submitted in writing by members of the NWNA within 30 (thirty) days of notification of an AGM and must bear the signature of the person proposed signifying her/his acceptance of nomination. The nomination must be supported by the signature of 1 (one) paid up NWNA member other than the nominee verifying that the nominee is a practicing naturist committed to advancing the cause of naturism in South Africa.Nominees must also meet the following eligibility criteria:
    • Be a paid up Member of the NWNA for 12 consecutive months,
    • Give a written undertaking that they have an exemplary naturist record,
    • Make a personal declaration to be minuted and published in the NWNA newsletter as follows:
    • A brief account of their private, business, and social lives and specifying any
      involvement with other naturist or allied organizations.
    Nominations for office together with personal declarations will be published in the newsletter directly prior to the date of the next AGM.Officers will be elected by a simple majority of votes cast and the results announced at the AGM. Officers elected will normally take office at the conclusion of the AGM.The duties of all Committee Members are listed in the appendix to the constitution;
  5. If a member of the Management Committee does not attend 3 (three) Management Committee meetings in a row, without having applied for and obtaining leave of absence from the Management Committee, then the Management Committee will find a new member to take that person’s place.
  6. The Management Committee will meet at least once a month. More than half of members need to be at the meeting to make decisions that are allowed to be carried forward. This constitutes a quorum.
  7. Minutes will be taken at every meeting to record the Management Committee’s decisions. The minutes of each meeting will be given to Management Committee Members at least 2 (two) weeks before the next meeting. The minutes shall be confirmed as a true record of proceedings, by the next meeting of the Management Committee, and shall thereafter be signed by the Chairperson.
  8. The organisation has the right to form sub-committees. The decisions that sub- committees take must be given to the Management Committee. The Management Committee must decide whether to agree to them or not at its next meeting. This meeting should take place soon after the sub-committee’s meeting. By agreeing to decisions the Management Committee ratifies them.
  9. The Management Committee shall have the power to appoint paid employees, as it may deem necessary for the efficient management of the NWNA. The Management Committee shall determine the salaries or wages, hours, holidays and other conditions of service of such employees and shall have power to dismiss any of them in appropriate circumstances. Paid staff will be under the control of the Management Committee, but directed in their day to day duties by the Chairman. The Chairman will at all times communicate decisions affecting paid employees to them. Paid staff shall not be eligible for election to any office and shall not be able to exercise a vote at any meeting other than that of a bona fide paid up member of the NWNA.
  10. The Management Committee shall have the power by resolution passed at a Management Committee meeting to suspend from office any elected officer considered by a majority of the members present to have failed to perform his duty with efficiency and diligence or not directed himself towards fulfilling the stated functions of the NWNA and has not acted in the spirit of those duties.At least 14 (fourteen) days’ notice of any motion to pass a resolution concerning the suspension of any elected officer must be given to all officers of the NWNA and the officer in respect of which such motion is intended to be passed must be given the opportunity to attend and make representation to the Committee.Such suspension shall continue until a recommendation for removal from office is considered at the next AGM. The officer shall have the right to be heard at that meeting.
  11. All members of the organisation have to abide by decisions that are taken by the Management Committee.
9. Powers of the Organization

The Management Committee may take on the power and authority that it believes it needs to be able to achieve the objectives that are stated in point number 3 (three) of this constitution. Its activities must abide by the law.

  1. The Management Committee has the power and authority to raise funds or to invite and receive contributions.
  2. The Management Committee does, however, have the power to buy, hire or exchange for any property that it needs to achieve its objectives.
  3. The Management Committee has the right to make by-laws for proper management, including procedure for application, approval and termination of membership.
  4. Organisations will decide on the powers and functions of office bearers.
10. Meetings and Procedures of the Management Committee
  1. The Management Committee must hold at least 2 (two) ordinary meetings each year.
  2. The Chairperson, or two members of the committee, can call a special meeting if they want, but they must let the other Management Committee Members know the date of the proposed meeting not less than 21 (twenty one) days before it is due to take place. They must also tell the other members of theCommittee which issues will be discussed at the meeting. If, however, one of the matters to be discussed is to appoint a new Management Committee Member, then those calling the meeting must give the other Committee Members not less than 30 (thirty) days’ notice;
  3. The Chairperson shall act as the Chairperson of the Management Committee. If the Chairperson does not attend a meeting, then members of the Committee who are present choose which one of them will chair that meeting. This must be done before the meeting starts.
  4. There shall be a quorum whenever such a meeting is held.
  5. When necessary, the Management Committee will vote on issues. If the votes are equal on an issue, then the Chairperson has either a second or a deciding vote.
  6. Minutes of all meetings must be kept safely and always be on hand for Members to consult.
  7. If the Management Committee thinks it is necessary, then it can decide to set up one or more sub-committees. It may decide to do this to get some work done quickly, or it may want a sub-committee to do an inquiry, for example. There must be at least 3 (three) people on a sub-committee. The sub-committee must report back to the Management Committee on its activities. It should do this regularly.
11.  Annual General Meetings
  1. The Annual General Meeting must be held once every year, towards the end of the organisation’s financial year. At an AGM, Committee plus 5 (five) paid-up Members shall form a quorum.
  2. The organisation should deal with the following business, amongst others, at its Annual General Meeting:
    • Agree to the items to be discussed on the agenda;
    • Write down who is there and who has sent apologies because they cannot attend;
    • Read and confirm the previous meeting’s minutes with matters arising;
    • Chairperson’s report;
    • Treasurer’s report;
    • Changes to the constitution that members may want to make;
    • Elect new office bearers;
    • General;
    • Close the meeting.
  3. Each paid up member shall be entitled to attend and to exercise their vote as follows:
    • Voting power to be one vote per paid up NWNA member;
    • Any Member is entitled to representation at an AGM may delegate any individual Member of the NWNA to speak or vote on its behalf;
    • Affiliated societies shall each be entitled to be represented by one delegate who may speak, but shall not be entitled to vote.
  4. Items for the agenda of an AGM shall be submitted in writing at least 30 (Thirty) days prior to the date fixed for that AGM. The Agenda shall be circulated at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the meeting and any amendment to an item appearing on the agenda must be in the hands of the Secretary at least 7 (seven) days prior to the meeting.
  5. A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Committee at its discretion or shall be convened within 1 (One) calendar months of receipt of a written requisition presented by 20 (twenty) members, stating the objects of such a meeting.A Special General Meeting may be convened provided that no Special General Meeting to be held less than 3 (three) calendar months after an AGM or less than 3 (three) calendar months before the date fixed for an AGM.Members shall have 14 (fourteen) days’ notice of any Special General Meeting and no other business shall be discussed or considered than is mentioned in such notice.
12. Finance
  1. An accounting officer shall be appointed at the AGM. His or her duty is to audit and check on the finances of the organisation;
  2. The Treasurer’s job is to control the day to day finances of the organisation. The Treasurer shall arrange for all funds to be put into a bank account in the name of the organisation. The Treasurer must also keep proper records of all the finances.
  3. All funds received by the NWNA shall be deposited in the NWNA banking account without delay by any of the elected Officers of the Management Committee or the Management Committee shall approve any such co-opted assistants as deemed necessary. Such deposit shall not be delayed for more that 5 (five) consecutive days from the day that funds was received. Any documents relating to above mentioned payment must be handed over to the Treasurer of the NWNA.
  4. Whenever funds are taken out of the bank account, the Chairperson and at least two other members of the organisation must sign the withdrawal or cheque.
  5. The financial year of the organisation ends on 31 December each year.
  6. The organisation’s accounting records and reports must be ready and handed to the Director of Non-profit Organisations within 6 (six) months after the financial year end.
  7. If the organisation has funds that can be invested, the funds may only be invested with registered financial institutions. These institutions are listed in Section 1 of the Financial Institutions (Investment of Funds) Act, 1984. Alternatively the organisation can get securities that are listed on a licensed stock exchange as set out in the Stock Exchange Control Act, 1985. The organisation can go to different banks to seek advice on the best way to look after its funds.
  8. The income of the NWNA must be utilized solely towards the promotion of the functions of the Constitution as set forth in this document and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, gift, division, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to the Members of the NWNA provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment, in good faith, of reasonable and proper remuneration/reimbursement to any elected officer of the NWNA or any member of the NWNA in return for services actually rendered to the NWNA or for any material, labour, plant and power supplied for the NWNA’s purpose, nor prevent the payment of interest on money borrowed or payment of a reasonable and proper rent for premises sold or let by any member to the NWNA but so that no member of the Committee of the NWNA shall be appointed to any salaried office of the NWNA paid by fees and that no remuneration or other financial benefit shall be given by the NWNA to any member except repayment of out of pocket expenses approved by the Management Committee and interest on money borrowed, or of the repayment of a reasonable and proper rent for premises sold or let to the NWNA.
13. Suspension and Exclusion
  1. The Management Committee shall investigate any complaint of breach of the requirements of this constitution by any individual member or affiliated organization, and, if satisfied that such complaint is justified, may suspend the individual member or affiliated organization and report this action to the NWNA members by way of publication in the next newsletter following such action having been taken. An individual member or affiliated organization may appeal to the Management Committee against such action.
  2. The Management Committee may appoint a Board of Enquiry to assist in determining an appeal, such Board of Enquiry to consist of a Chairman and not less than 2 (two) suitably qualified members who are not concerned in the matter under dispute.
  3. Any individual member or affiliated organization recommended for suspension or exclusion shall have the right to appear before the Management Committee and/or Board of Enquiry to present its own case.
  4. The Board of Enquiry will report its decision to the Management Committee and this decision shall be final. If no appeal is made to the Management Committee, the full Management Committee shall have the power at its discretion to confirm or overturn the suspension.
  5. In the event of the conduct of any member or affiliated organization being likely to bring naturism into disrepute, the affiliated organization concerned shall take immediate steps to exclude the member, failing which action, the Management Committee of the NWNA may, after due enquiry, call upon the affiliated organization concerned to exclude the member and shall report this action to the Members of the NWNA. The name of the offending member may be circulated to each affiliated organizations if the Management Committee deems such action appropriate.
  6. The Chairman shall together with any other members appointed by the Management Committee investigate any allegation that may be made that the conduct of an individual member has brought naturism into disrepute or damaged the interests of the NWNA and may if they or the majority of them consider the allegations have been substantiated, expel, suspend from membership or caution the member concerned. If the member feels aggrieved by such expulsion or suspension he or she may appeal to the Management Committee which may then confirm the expulsion, suspension or caution or overturn it or substitute expulsion, suspension or caution for what was originally decided. The decision of the Committee after hearing such an appeal is final.
14. Changes to the Constitution
  1. The constitution can be changed by a resolution. The resolution has to be agreed upon and passed by not less than 2 (two) thirds of the members who are at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. Members must vote at this meeting to change the constitution.
  2. Committee plus 5 (five) paid-up members shall be present at a meeting (“the quorum”) before a decision to change the constitution is taken. Any Annual General Meeting may vote upon such a notion, if the details of the changes are set out in the notice referred to in 10.3.
  3. A written notice must go out not less than 14 (fourteen) days before the meeting at which the changes to the constitution are going to be proposed. The notice must indicate the proposed changes to the constitution that will be discussed at the meeting.
  4. No amendments may be made which would have the effect of making the organisation cease to exist.
15. Dissolution / Winding Up
  1. The organisation may close down if at least two-thirds of the Members present and voting at a meeting convened for the purpose of considering such matter, are in favour of closing down.
  2. When the organisation closes down it has to pay off all its debts. After doing this, if there is property or money left over it should not be paid or given to Members of the organisation. It should be given in some way to another non-profit organisation that has similar objectives. The organisation’s General Meeting can decide what organisation this should be.
16. Interpretation
  1. Any words used in this constitution shall be interpreted in its ordinary sense as understood by reasonable people. Any matter not specially provided for otherwise will be resolved by the application of procedures customarily adopted by associations and/or committees.
  2. Any use in this constitution or the appendix hereto of the word ‘he’, ‘him’ or ‘his’ shall be understood to include the word ‘she’, ‘her’, or ‘hers’ respectively.

This constitution was approved and accepted by members of the NWNA.

Addendum to the Constitution


It forms no part of NWNA’s policy to concern itself with any subject outside the field of naturism and linked activities.


All clubs, resorts and societies affiliated to the NWNA may have their advertisements, stationery or any other printed matter which they may issue, subscribed with the words “Affiliated to, or accredited by”, (as appropriate) the NWNA, and/or the badge/logo of the NWNA.



The Chairman shall take the Chair at the AGM of the NWNA. He will also take the Chair at Committee Meetings. He is responsible for organizing the AGM. He will be responsible for matters concerning affiliated organizations. His duty is to maintain good relations with the International Naturist Federation and such international organizations representative of naturism overseas. He will maintain records of overseas clubs/contacts and naturist facilities for the purpose of keeping the Committee and members informed.


The Secretary’s duty is to summon members to meetings, to prepare the agenda for meetings, to keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all AGM and Committee meetings, to conduct correspondence in accordance with instructions of the Committee, and to keep and make available any such files, records and lists of members etc., and such other duties as the Committee may require.


The Treasurer’s duty is to record the receipts and expenditure of the NWNA to prepare the yearly statement of accounts and financial balance and to keep the Committee fully informed regarding the financial affairs of the NWNA.


The Editor will arrange for the publication and distribution to clubs and members of publications covering all matters of interest to the movement. The Committee shall guide the policy and production of these publications. This duty may be in addition to other functions assigned to him.

Honorary Members:

This is a position of honor awarded to persons who have given outstanding service to naturism. They shall have no ex-officio right to attend Committee meetings but invitations may be extended to them from time to time. Their duties are to continue to represent naturism and perform any suitable tasks as required by the Committee.

Each elected officer shall act at all times in the best interests of the NWNA and in promoting its stated functions and objectives to the best of their ability in all things related to naturism.


It is strongly recommended that the following clauses be embodied in the rules of affiliated organizations:

  • Membership shall be confined to persons of good repute, due care being taken to establish the bona fides of prospective members;
  • No minor of either sex shall be admitted without the consent of the parent or guardian;
  • Where only one partner of a married couple applies for membership the other may be required to give written consent.


  • To protect and enhance South African naturism, and the individuals within it in particular North West Province;
  • To provide a central point for correspondence and a channel for enquiries to clubs and resorts, by use of various mediums, to make this point of contact known to all interested parties;
  • To undertake all other aspects of public relations work;
  • To seek recognition at national level and to obtain a fair share of public funds;
  • To provide information and assistance to naturist/nudist clubs;
  • To promote relationships and, through the recognition of the International Naturist Federation, among others, to provide membership cards to assist NWNA members when travelling to overseas naturist destinations;
  • To provide recognition and assistance to international tourists when visiting South African naturist destinations;
  • To undertake research and Base with local bodies with regard to developing accepted and recognized naturist beaches throughout South Africa;
  • To produce an acceptable set of naturist guidelines and etiquette standards to guide and assist new and existing SA Naturist destinations;
  • To promote affiliation with likeminded bodies;
  • To produce a bi monthly newsletter to be the mouthpiece of the Association and to keep members informed of new developments;
  • To provide a channel for those members wishing to support the movement, either financially or otherwise;
  • To provide means of arbitration between members and (or) clubs in the case of any disputes that may from time to time arise;



SANNA must ensure that the conditions for lawful processing of personal information set out in the Act, and all the required measures, are complied with.

Processing limitation.

  • Business processes provide the context for processing personal information – i.e. the specific purpose
  • Data collection must be proportionate for purpose – for member Registration and Discipline
  • Data processing must be for a legitimate purpose – member Database and Discipline
  • Member must give consent – Consent forms given to complete
  • Collection of personal data must be directly from the data subject unless it is contained in a public record
  • Data models prevent inference of prohibited data elements by means of DADIE Database
  • Limit the transfer of personal data to service providers – No transfer to service providers
  • Data subject must be able to object, in prescribed manner.

Purpose Specification.

  • Collection of personal information must be for a specifically defined, lawful purpose related to a function of SANNA.
  • Association members must be aware of the purpose of collecting data. The purpose for processing personal information must be clear.
  • Record retention must not be longer than necessary unless required by law, a contract or the member has consented. A record of the use of personal data to make a decision must be retained for such period required by a law or long enough for the member to request access to the record Destroy, delete or DE-identify as soon as a member has submitted a resignation document. Destruction of personal information must be in a manner that prevents reconstruction in an intelligible form.


The member must be aware of the collection of the data and the name and address of the responsible party, whether voluntary or mandatory, and of any law authorising collection, except if:

  • Members is already aware of personal information being kept
  • all particulars are stated in PAIA information manual
  • Member consents to non-compliance
  • information will be used without identifying Member
  • personal information is already in the public domain.

Member Participation.

Establish communication processes with Member (via the Information Officer) Provide Member with access to personal information Enable Member to request correction of personal data Manner of access to information is defined in PAIA manual.

Security Safeguards Business controls for maintaining integrity:

  • Identify personal data (structured and unstructured) in all business processes (formal and informal)
  • Identify business processing manual controls
  • Identify application systems and IT processes that support the business processes Identify programmed procedures supporting the complete and accurate processing of personal data
  • Maintain appropriate granularity in user access controls
  • Maintain appropriate application level security
  • Maintain appropriate information resource protection
  • Prevent data leakage (structured and unstructured data)
  • Maintain the capability to detect security breaches
  • Regularly review contractual obligations of third parties Prohibit the processing of special personal information Comply with the requirements of Information Officer and/or Information Regulator.

Further Processing Limitation.

Further processing must be compatible with original purpose Be aware of the potential consequences of further processing Take note of any contractual rights and obligations Take steps to prevent further processing of personal data Data mining must not exceed original purpose Allow retention for historical, statistical or research purposes Stop unlawful processing.

Information Quality.

Maintain the accuracy of collected personal information Check that personal data is not misleading Ensure that personal data is up-to-date. Be aware of the impact the integrity of personal data has on the purpose for collecting personal data.
Note: master data must exclude unnecessary records
Note: master data must be secured, and accessed only on the need-to-know basis.
Master Data will be kept within DADIE database, secure and password protected.

Action Plan.

Business purposes for processing data is to maintain a register of all Naturists in South Africa. Use DADIE to register and processing personal data.

  • Contact and communicate with Members.
  • Obtain consent from Members via official consent form
  • Enable Member to object to processing of personal data
  • Perform risk assessment for the protection of personal data
  • Educate staff
  • Implement a system of internal control to maintain integrity – DADIE
  • Secure structured and unstructured data
  • Reduce record retention, destroy unnecessary personal data when no longer required except in the case of Disciplinary findings (Blacklisting)
  • Change contracts and obligations of service providers (additional costs of outsourcing for increased security)
  • Appoint an Information Officer for Member to liaise with
  • Respond to requests of the Information Officer
  • Comply with requirements of the Regulator.


  • SANNA – South African National Naturist Association
  • PAIA – Promotion of Access to Information Act
  • DADIE – Official database management tool for SANNA to regulate membership.

Chairman of SANNA
Website: www.sanna.org.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/285301238300903/

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